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New England pays Justice $15k to teach study abroad; Campbell dominates bar exam

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It was a Good Week for …

Continuing to dominate the bar exam, after Campbell Law reported a 94.53 percent bar passage rate for the Class of 2012. It was the highest pass rate among all North Carolina schools. Campbell has excelled on the bar exam for the past 26 years, despite not offering a for-credit bar prep course to students.

“This score, as well as our consistent success on the North Carolina Bar Exam, is indicative of our culture and practical curriculum,” said Campbell Law Director of Academic Support & Bar Success Sha Hinds-Glick.

It was a Bad Week for …

Cost-efficiency, after it was revealed that New England School of Law Boston paid Supreme Court Justice John Roberts $15,000 to teach a class in its study abroad program last summer. The school also paid Roberts’ expenses for the seven hours of class time.

Paul Campos, the controversial law professor from University of Colorado wrote about the perk at Salon.com, complaining that “The problem is not so much that Roberts is being paid $1,000 an hour to teach a fluffy course … It’s that this annual fringe benefit is being paid for by tax dollars, which are first funneled through law students, who are financially wrecking themselves by borrowing those dollars to pay for useless degrees.”
New England was in the news last week for the high salary of its dean.